American Fisheries Society (AFS) Estuaries - Travel Award 2011

American Fisheries Society (AFS) Estuaries-Travel Award
Agency:AFS & The Southern Association of Marine Laboratories (SAML)
Location:Seattle, Washington

AFS is pleased to offer financial awards for three undergraduate or graduate students in support of their attendance at the AFS 2011 Annual Meeting. The meeting is scheduled for 4-8 September 2011 in Seattle, WA. The amount of each award will be $500 and will include a one-year membership in the Estuaries Section. The Estuaries Section will fund one award, and the Southern Association of Marine Laboratories (SAML) will fund two. For the Estuaries Section award, priority will be given to students who are presenting their own research at the conference (in an oral or poster presentation), are AFS Estuaries Section members, and have a demonstrated financial need. For the two SAML funded awards, in addition to the criteria listed above, preference will be given to those students representing a SAML institution. Recipients of the SAML sponsored awards will also be required to provide a brief, one-page report to SAML regarding his/her research and how the funds were used. A list of SAML institutions can be found at http://www.naml.org (click on the SAML link). 

To apply, interested students must submit a letter of application describing:

(a) educational and professional background

(b) whether they will be presenting at the meeting,

(c) interest in pursuing a career related to the mission of the Estuaries Section (http://www.fisheries.org/estuaries)

(d) a statement of financial need.

The letter must include all contact information including mailing address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address.

The application package must include a letter of advocacy from an academic advisor or other appropriate faculty member at the student's college or university.

This letter should state

(a) why the student deserves the award and

(b) corroborate the need for the award.

Send the letter to:

Dr. Fred Genthner at fredgenthner@yahoo.com or Fax to (850) 934-9201.

Submissions by email are preferred.

The applications will be judged on the criteria of merit and need.

The Committee in its judgment may select one, two, three or no recipients for awards. Those selected for awards will be notified by telephone or e-mail mail no later than 15 August 2011.

Questions may be directed to Dr. Fred Genthner (850) 934-9342 or Dr. Steve Jordan (850) 934-9350, Jordan.steve@epa.gov.

Application deadline is 22 July 2011. 

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