Free calls from Rebtel: 5 min for Nepal

First call from Rebtel is free. If you are calling from US to Nepal its lasts only 5 min. Quality of Rebtel is very good. There is no connection fee.

For free trial, sign up for an account. You don't have to give your billing and payment info for free trial. Just need one phone number. If you have more than one phone numbers then you get more minutes. The call has to made from the phone number you have registered.

There are some other benefits using Rebel. If you refer somebody, you get $10 in your account. It gives you a local number you can call. So, that even if you don't have national plan, you can call to local number that Rebtel gives you to make international call. There is no extra work to dial access number and PIN number.

Have phone number but can not call using that number?====>>>>> NO problem. I registered my office phone number to Rebtel but I couldn't make using that number from my home. There is one more option in Rebtel. You can use your Rebtel calling facility using Skype also. So, I downloaded skype and used Rebtel free trial using skype. That was extra for me. This means Rebtel call can be made from your computer (using skype) with same rate.

This tel is relatively expensive. But the quality is very good.

Any way at least you can enjoy first free trial.


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