Unlimited free international call from Rebtel: talk more with your LOVED ones

Follow following steps to enjoy free international call to your loved one provided by Rebtel..
  1. Where you’re calling from: Fill out the easy sign up form on our website and tell us which phone you'll use with Rebtel so we can recognize you when you make calls.
  2. Who you want to call: Enter your friend's name and international number and Rebtel gives you a unique local number for each friend. Create once, save it to your phone and keep it forever.
  3. Ask them to call you back: Call your friend on the local number. When they pick up, ask them to hang up and call you back on the number displayed on their phone while you wait on the line. The call will be instantly connected and you can talk internationally for free. You only pay for the local part of the call to your regular carrier.
This offer works only in Rebtel countries. That means you can make free international call from one Rebtel country to another Rebtel country only.

Which countries are Rebtel countries? click here to see the list

Unfortunately Nepal is not Rebtel country. So can not make free international call to Nepal.

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