Post graduate dissertation Grants to Nepalese Students


Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) is a nonprofit organization established with a vision of creating sustainable Nepal where right to clean environment is ensured for all. Its mission is to educate and aware people on issues related to climate change, energy and other environmental issues and to reduce air pollution and global warming impacts to natural and human system.

CEN serves as a secretariat to Climate Change Network Nepal - a semi-formal network comprising of national and international organizations working on climate change related issues in Nepal; Clean Air Network Nepal - country network of Clean Air Initiatives for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia Center), a regional network working for clean air in Asia; and Nepalese Youth for Climate Action - a coalition of Nepali youth and youth groups tackling climate change.

CEN and NYCA with support from Embassy of Finland is currently inviting post-graduate dissertation pre-proposals on various issues linked with Climate Change and Nepal. Pre-proposals, if accepted, will lead to an invitation to submit a full research proposal.

Nepal is one of the country’s most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Being a mountainous country with diverse and complex geography and ecosystem, its communities are in the frontline of climate change. Despite contributing least to cause climate change, the people here are affected most because of various obvious reasons. It is essential for a country like ours to have necessary strategies to adapt to climate change and to mitigate green house gases as well. To have a good strategy, we need good baseline information. Realizing this, CEN plans to support the post graduate dissertation focusing on Climate Change related issues in Nepal.

We are soliciting pre proposals of post-graduate degree dissertation on the following areas:
• Climate change and Outdoor air pollution in Kathmandu valley - 2 proposals
• Climate Change and its issues relevant to Nepal – 1 Proposal
• Climate change and waste – 1 Proposal
• Climate Change and Water and sanitation in Nepal – 1 Proposal

CEN aims to bridge the information gap in the context of environmental problems that prevails in our country. Pre-proposals that do not have a strong component of primary information generation will not be considered. However, multi-disciplinary projects are encouraged. Academic affiliation is required for receiving support. Besides this, the application will be valid only if the applicant is currently studying at post-graduate level. Pre-proposals will be evaluated by a group of experts based on their academic merit and policy significance.

CEN will collect proposals throughout the next 2 months. The deadline for submission of pre-proposal is 20April 2010. The successful candidate will get the grant of NRs. 30,000 (Nepali Rupees Thirty Thousand Only). Concept notes can be uploaded on the following websites:


Guidelines for Pre-Proposals

  • Climate change and Outdoor air pollution in Kathmandu valley
  • Climate Change and its issues relevant to Nepal
  • Climate change and waste in Kathmandu Valley
  • Climate Change and Water and sanitation in Nepal

Research Topic

  • Submitted By
  • Student’s Name
  • Academic Level
  • College
  • Affiliated To
  • Phone/Mobile No
  • Email Address
  • Background (100 Words)
  • Problem Statement (150 Words)
  • Research Goals and Objectives
  • Research Methodology (100 Words)
  • Time Frame (in tabulated form)
  • Budget (In tabulated form)
  • Expected Outcome and Output
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