Postdoctoral and PhD Positions in Molecular Electronics / Scanning Probe Microscopy at ETH-Zurich

The Nanotechnology Group at ETH Zurich (http://www.nanotechnology.ethz.ch/ ) invites applications at the postdoctoral and PhD level to work in the area of the assembly and functional characterization of molecular
electronic devices.

Molecular electronic devices employ individual molecules or their assemblies as functional building blocks in electronic circuits. This concept is a potential candidate to overcome the increasing difficulties and soon fundamental limitations current CMOS technology faces upon further downscaling in the quest for higher performance.

The Nanotechnology Group is active in the field of directed assembly and advanced scanning probe microscopy to study electronic properties on the nanometer scale and below. Within the frame of our research interests, projects are available that combine conventional charge transport measurements on molecular electronic devices with high-resolution scanning probe microscopy of the functional components.

Candidates should be creative and highly motivated to conduct explorative research, interested to work in an interdisciplinary environment, and have a strong background in physics, physical
chemistry or a related field. Ideally, candidates have documented experience in one or more of the following areas: fabrication and electrical characterization of single molecule junctions or arrays, atomic resolution AFM or STM, self-assembly, surface functionalization, instrument development.

Applications with a full CV, list of publications, statement of research interests, and names and e-mail addresses of three referees should be submitted online:

Prof. Andreas Stemmer
ETH Zurich
Nanotechnology Group
Tannenstrasse 3
8092 Zurich / Switzerland
E-Mail: contact@nano.mavt.ethz.ch

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