Three postdoc openings on spin current induced magnetization dynamics in magnetic nanostructures (Grenoble, France)

In the frame of ongoing projects THREE POSTDOC POSITIONS, each of 18 months, are currently available to investigate the magnetization dynamics in magnetic nanostructures, with special emphasis on linewidth, phase noise and associated non-linear dynamic properties :
Postdoc 1: Nanofabrication and Characterization of spin torque oscillators
Postdoc 2: Microwave characterization of low f noise, phase noise and the non-linear properties of spin torque oscillators
Postdoc 3: Micromagnetic modelling of spin torque oscillators in correlation to experiments

Start date: between April and September 2011

The candidates should have a PhD in physics with a sound background in nanomagnetism and spintronics, as well as some experience
-       in materials and nanofabrication for postdoc 1
-       in Rf measurement techniques for postdoc 2
-       in micromagnetics simulation for postdoc 3

Interested candidates can send their CV with a letter of motivation to:

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