lab technician in Sinclair, Wyoming

Job Description
Position Title:
Lab Technician
Reports to:
Lab Manager
Work Location:
Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company
Functional Department:
The employee will demonstrate safe work practices to conduct physical and chemical tests on refinery products and samples.

Primary Functions Responsibilities:
·         Conduct both physical and chemical testing on fuels, asphalts, associated blend products and process samples
·         Provide accurate and timely data entry of lab results for both process samples and finished product
·         Read and understand all analysis procedures and safety standards in English, including ASTM method of analysis and other analytical standards and procedures used in the laboratory.
·         Assist in or perform analytical tests from well-defined standards and procedures as assigned by the Laboratory Manager. 
·         Participate in proficiency testing programs in accordance with applicable standards and sound laboratory practices.
·         Clean and sterilize laboratory equipment and to treat delicate lab instruments with care and respect.
·         Prepare chemical solutions according to standard formulas.
·         Exercise procedural, safety and quality requirements and strictly follow company policies.
·         Attend training and pass appropriate examinations in petroleum, chemical and gas analysis, including Right-to-Know training, hazardous materials training and other safety and compliance training required by applicable regulations.
·         During scheduled shifts, be able to work by yourself in a safety conscience manner.
·         Perform at a high energy level with utmost attention to detail and results oriented attitude.
·         Follow-through on commitments made to others.
·         Create and maintain a neat, clean and well-organized and professional-looking work area.
·         Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

·         Minimum Degree of a Bachelor of Science in physical sciences (chemistry preferred)
·         Experience is preferred but not necessary
·         Possessing good mechanical aptitude is highly desirable

For further inquires please contact:

Vince Martin, Ph.D., Laboratory Manager, 307.328.3530, vmartin@sinclairoil.com

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