Assistant Professor JOB || Population/Statistical Ecology || U MASSACHUSETTS-AMHERST || USA

The Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking talented applicants qualified for a tenure- track position at the Assistant Professor level, Population/Statistical Ecology. Earliest appointment date is September 1, 2015. Under exceptional circumstances, highly qualified candidates at ranks above assistant professor may receive consideration. 

Candidates should care deeply about undergraduate and graduate education, and be a teacher, mentor, and scientist. The candidate is expected to develop independent and collaborative research programs that compete successfully for funding from state, federal and non-governmental organizations; build departmental and interdisciplinary collaborations with Environmental Conservation and Organismic & Evolutionary Biology graduate programs; and develop an innovative teaching program that incorporates new initiatives in teaching and learning. 

Teaching responsibilities include: 1) undergraduate Statistics for Life Sciences general education course taught using Team Based Learning methods, 2) graduate-level course in Population and Community Ecology, and 3) graduate-level course in Statistical Ecology designed to contribute to an existing graduate-level sequence of courses in the design and analysis of ecological data. Successful applicants will serve, as do all other faculty, as a mentor to minorities and other underrepresented groups within the Department. The University of Massachusetts Amherst places special emphases on faculty-student interaction and a commitment to teach and attract a diverse student body. Successful applicants will be expected to supervise graduate students at the Master’s and Ph.D. levels.

The focus of this position is population and statistical ecology with an emphasis on applying modern statistical modeling approaches to the study of population dynamics and species-environment relationships with an emphasis on, but not limited to, land use/climate change impacts on terrestrial vertebrates. This person might have expertise in analysis of temporal and spatial population data, demographic modeling/metapopulation dynamics, quantification of spatial synchrony, modeling dispersion across the landscape, survival analysis and other related statistical techniques and will be encouraged to work with colleagues in the department to seek competitive funding on topics of mutual interest. The applicant should demonstrate: 1) effective collaborations with other ecologists on diverse ecological systems in which theoretical ideas are tested in a real-world context; 2) strength in the design and statistical analysis of ecological data; 3) ability to establish close collaborations with state, federal, and NGO conservation agencies; 4) potential to attract external funding; and 5) excellence in written and verbal communication. Previous teaching experience at a university level is desirable. A doctoral degree in ecology or closely related field is required.

Applicants should submit curriculum vitae, statements of research and teaching goals, and the names, addresses and contact information of three references to:

Search questions can be addressed to: Kevin McGarigal, Chair, (413) 577-0655 or mcgarigalk@eco.umass.edu

Applicants should apply by the priority deadline of January 5, 2015 to ensure consideration.

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