Climate System Modelling Research Fellow Position in Denmark

The Danish Meteorological Institute has a vacancy for a Research Fellow in the field of high resolution Arctic regional climate system modelling. The fellowship position is for a fixed period of 3 years, and will be based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The candidate's focus will be on performance of the model over Greenland and with a special emphasis of representing the local climate at the east cost of Greenland, in particular the complex Scoresbysund setting.
Focus will be on local surface mass balance over the ice sheet and the Renland glacier in particular. The work will contribute to the development of a dynamic high resolution system model of the Greenland ice sheet, the coastal regions and interactions with the surrounding ocean, and to study changes in the ice sheet as a consequence of changes in Arctic climate and sea ice.

Applicants must have a Master's Degree or equivalent in physics, mathematics, earth science (including geology, climate, meteorology, oceanography) or similar fields relevant to the PhD subject, or have submitted a Master's Thesis for evaluation before the expiry of the application deadline. Ideally, candidates will also have practical experience in climate dynamics and modelling (preferably regional climate modelling, modelling of ice sheets or interactions between land ice and ocean), be skilled at programming in FORTRAN/UNIX, and have knowledge about HPC computing.

Application deadline: 9 November 2014.

For further information or to submit your application (which must include examination results, a curriculum vitae, a brief letter of interest, and the names and contact details for three referees), go to:

For questions about the position, please contact:
Katrine Krogh Andersen, Director of Research and Development
Email: kka@dmi.dk

Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, Research Leader
Email: jhc@dmi.dk 

Peter Lang Langen
Email: pla@dmi.dk

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