Graduate Assistantship Opportunities in Atmospheric Science at University of Wyoming

Following Graduate Assistantship Opportunities are available in Atmospheric Science department of University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY. MS and PhD –Graduate Assistantship includes full stipend, full tuition and fees, and health insurance. Check the link below to see faculty list and their research area.

See http://www.atmos.uwyo.edu/faculty/

  1. Studies of Marine Stratocumulus during VOCALS – Leon, Snider
  2. Ice Generation in Tropical Clouds – Leon, Wang, Snider
  3. Wintertime Orographic Precipitation Enhancement –Geerts, Snider
  4. Airborne and ground-based studies of aerosol, water vapor, clouds and precipitation in complex terrain (several positions) - Geerts, Snider, Wang, and French
  5. Multiple sensor cloud retrieval algorithm development – Wang
  6. Mixed-phase cloud characterization with surface, airborne, and satellite measurements – Wang
  7. Airborne lidar system developments and their application for cloud and aerosol study – Wang
  8. Understanding cloud microphysical processes with remote sensing observation – Wang
  9. Spatial and temporal air quality assessment of air pollution related to winter-time ozone production in the Upper Green Basin of Wyoming – Field, Montague
  10. Trajectory analysis of volatile organic compounds from oil and gas development in the Upper Green Basin of Wyoming – Field, Montague.
  11. Airborne instrument characterization and algorithm development – Rodi, French
  12. Investigations of the initiation of polar stratospheric cloud particles using in situ measurements from a Lagrangian platform - Deshler
  13. Using stratospheric aerosol measurements to extend and improve the global stratospheric aerosol climatology and assessing the impact of this climatology on stratospheric chemistry - Deshler
  14. Measuring the importance of black carbon in controlling the absorption characteristics and cloud forming properties of organic aerosol - Deshler, Montague.

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